Telling God’s Story Year Three, and a New Member of our Team

We are delighted to announce that the manuscript of the third volume of Telling God’s Story–working title: God’s Upside-Down Kingdom–has arrived at the Olive Branch Books office. And it’s fantastic!

Now that Peter Enns has set the framework for the TGS curriculum, we have been gathering other writers to flesh out the vision of Telling God’s Story.  Rachel Marie Stone, author of Year Three, is a writer, thinker, and mom of two. She’s just finished a book for InterVarsity Press about God and food (check it out here, and read more from Rachel here). Like Susan Wise Bauer, she writes for Books & Culture and a number of other journals and magazines. She’s done a wonderful job of walking students through the parables and promises of the Gospels, and we can’t wait for you to see God’s Upside-Down Kingdom.

We anticipate a 2013 release date for Year Three, and its accompanying Activity Book. Follow us on Facebook and on this blog for samples, author-interviews, and updates as the book-production process continues.

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