Table of Contents for TGS 2 Instructor Book

Here is the Table of Contents of the Instructor Book for Telling God’s Story, Year Two: The Kingdom of Heaven, which is currently at the printer.

Telling God’s Story, Year Two: The Kingdom of Heaven


Unit 1: Stories Jesus Told
Lesson 1: Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk (Matthew 21:28–32)
Lesson 2: The Kingdom of God Grows on its Own No Matter What (Mark 4:26–29) Lesson 3: Everyone is Your Neighbor (Luke 10:30–37)
Lesson 4: Don’t Stop Forgiving Others (Matthew 18:21–35)
Lesson 5: God is Equally Gracious to All (Matthew 20:1–16)

Unit 2: Miracles Jesus Did
Lesson 6: Kings Don’t Pay Taxes (Matthew 17:24–27)
Lesson 7: Taking Jesus at His Word (John 4:46–54)
Lesson 8: King Jesus Has Mercy on the Helpless (Luke 18:35–43)
Lesson 9: The Faith of the Outsiders (Luke 17:11–19)
Lesson 10: Jesus Actually Touches a Dead Girl and a Sick Woman (Matthew 9:18–26)

Unit 3: Teachings of Jesus
Lesson 11: God Loves the Rich and the Poor the Same (Luke 14:7–14)
Lesson 12: No One’s Sins are too Big for God to Forgive (Luke 7:36–50)
Lesson 13: Jesus is the Shepherd who Loves His Sheep (John 10:11–21)
Lesson 14: Jesus is Greater than Death (John 11:17–27)
Lesson 15: Staying Connected to Jesus (John 15:1–8)

Unit 4: The Sermon on the Mount
Lesson 16: Give to the Needy without Showing Off (Matthew 6:1–4)
Lesson 17: You Cannot Serve God and Another (Matthew 6:19–24)
Lesson 18: Be Honest With Yourself Before You Judge Others (Matthew 7:1–5)
Lesson 19: Living a Disciplined Life (Matthew 7:13–14)
Lesson 20: Bad Trees Always Bear Bad Fruit (Matthew 7:15–23)

Unit 5: Jesus’ Early Life
Lesson 21: God Is On the Move . . . Again (Luke 1:5–25)
Lesson 22: The Coming of the King (Luke 1:26–38)
Lesson 23: God Exalts the Humble (Luke 1:39–56)
Lesson 24: God is about to Rescue Israel (Luke 1:57–80)

Unit 6: Jesus’ Disciples
Lesson 25: Jesus is the Son of God (Matthew 16:13–20)
Lesson 26: No One Has a Higher Rank in God’s Kingdom (Matthew 18:1–4)
Lesson 27: Jesus Leaves No One Out (Mark 9:38–41)
Lesson 28: Jesus’ Followers Are Servants, not Commanders (Mark 10:35–45)

Unit 7: Opposition to Jesus
Lesson 29: Jesus Upsets a Synagogue Service (Luke 4:14–30)
Lesson 30: False Teaching Spreads like Yeast (Matthew 16:5–12)
Lesson 31: A Clean Heart is Better than Clean Food (Matthew 15:1–20)
Lesson 32: Surrendering our Lives to God Every Day (Matthew 16:21–26)

Unit 8: The End of Jesus’ Life
Lesson 33: Obey God More than Caesar (Matthew 22:15–22)
Lesson 34: Jesus Introduces a New Exodus (Matthew 26:17–28)
Lesson 35: Jesus Suffers and Prays Alone (Matthew 26:36–46)
Lesson 36: Jesus Doesn’t Fight Back When Arrested (Matthew 26:47–56)

Supplemental Lessons: The Rest of the Story
Supplemental Lesson 1: A Politician Condemns an Innocent Man (John 19:1–16)
Supplemental Lesson 2: The Death of Jesus Fulfills Scripture (John 19:28–37)
Supplemental Lesson 3: Mary Magdalene Spreads the News that Jesus is Alive (John 20:10–18)

Table of Contents for TGS 2 Instructor Book

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  1. I have two questions about the rest of this 12 year series that you might be able to address.

    1) Do you expect to release this in a ‘one year per year’ way — or does publishing a book simply take longer than a year?

    2) What is the general scope and sequence that you foresee for the series as a whole? I understand you are starting with 4 years focusing on Jesus; is that correct? What’s your general trajectory or intention after that point?