Quotations in Context, Part I: Sin

Recently, various websites have posted quotations from Telling God’s Story: A Parents’ Guide to Teaching the Bible, pulled out of context so as to imply that Dr. Enns doesn’t believe in parents’ talking to their children about sin. This is a distortion of his words. The full context can be found in pages 32-34 of the Parents’ Guide (read them here). In context, Dr. Enns is clearly not telling parents to “hide” the truth of sin from their children, but rather that they should present sin and the Savior in an age-appropriate way.

From page 32, for instance:

“…children should be introduced to Jesus without parents feeling the pressure of downloading every important piece of biblical teaching into their young minds at the same time.”

To see this age-appropriate presentation in action, we invite parents to read through the first grade book (Year One). We’ve made the entire book available on Scribd.com for free for a limited time.   The Year One lessons clearly discuss the child’s disobedience and sin when such discussion is appropriate (usually using concrete examples), as well as admitting the sins of adults. Redemption, too, is emphasized: the crucifixion is described as happening “to save the people from their sins.” The textbooks for the succeeding years will discuss these topics in increasing detail.

In our next post: is the Bible “a mess”?

Quotations in Context, Part I: Sin

3 Responses

  1. I’ve been working my way through the parents’ guide and have done the first couple of lessons with my youngest son. I’ve found the lessons to be very helpful. We often diverge wildly from the scripted lessons as my son asks questions and we skip around to other passages or refer to references associated with the catechism we’re learning.
    No one curriculum will answer all of my kids’ Bible questions. There is much that I’m still wrestling with as an adult and life long Christian. But this is helping me to model the journey better.
    I loved the Struggling with Your Faith workshop given at Cincinnati. It was a good word at the right season for us to hear.