Publishing Updates

We have enjoyed hearing from so many of you who are using Telling God’s Story, Year One with your children, and loving it. Some of you have asked about Year Two, so here are a few updates:

  • The instructor text for Telling God’s Story, Year Two: The Kingdom of Heaven has made it through the first stage of proofreading. (That means we’re about to receive a manuscript covered in red pencil marks and notations like “There is no “z” in “Caesar”). Next, it will be going through another level of proofreading and fact-checking.
  • The student activity book for Telling God’s Story, Year Two: The Kingdom of Heaven is almost ready to go to the typesetter. We’re excited about this one, too: historical recipes and craft projects; new mazes, maps, word-searches, and crossword puzzles; 39 new coloring pages; service projects (or “Put it Into Practice,” as we call them); rambunctious games for large and small groups; Scripture memorization, and more.
  • We expect to have PDF versions of these books for sale on our webstore by December, with print versions available by February. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see more updates.
  • Have you seen the cover yet? It’s by one of our artists, Jeff West, who was inspired by Jesus’ parable of the kingdom in Mark 4:26-29:

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