Great Review from Englewood

The Englewood Review of Books has given Telling God’s Story an extensive review in their latest print issue, and they love it. They called it “a compassionate, intelligent, wise, and holistic approach to the Bible and to raising our children to be followers of Christ.”

They praised the overview text and the yearly instructor and student books as being “accessible, clearly written, and easy to follow.” And they were on board with our approach of introducing theological concepts in age-appropriate ways.

Their reviewers (including a homeschool co-op teacher) also said, “If your goal is to provide your children with a full, vibrant and cohesive understanding of God’s story and of God’s desire to reconcile all things, Telling God’s Story provides a good starting point.”

So far the review is only available in their print edition, but if they post it online we will certainly be linking to it.

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