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Telling God’s Story Year Three, and a New Member of our Team

We are delighted to announce that the manuscript of the third volume of Telling God’s Story–working title: God’s Upside-Down Kingdom–has arrived at the Olive Branch Books office. And it’s fantastic! Now that Peter Enns has set the framework for the TGS curriculum, we have been gathering other writers to flesh out the vision of Telling God’s […]

It’s Here!

Our newest book, James: A Letter to the Scattered, is now available on our webstore. Read about this comic book, see samples, and purchase it here. You can also peruse the book and pre-order it on Amazon, here. (Amazon’s price is a bit lower than ours, but they won’t be shipping copies for 4 more […]

Our Newest Book!

Olive Branch Books is proud to announce our newest title: James: A Letter to the Scattered, a graphic novel translation of the book of James, depicting the 2,000-year story of the people who were changed by this letter. For two thousand years, a single ancient letter has inspired deeds of world-changing bravery and compassion. In […]