Olive Branch Books

Frequently Asked Questions

--What does the author believe?

My Christian faith is expressed in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds, the historic expressions of Christian orthodoxy. I believe in the universal and humanly unalterable grip of both death and sin and the work of the Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in redeeming humanity from them by the deep love and mercy of the Father. The teachings of Scripture as a whole and Jesus in particular direct my life as a follower of Christ—as a husband, father, church-goer, scholar, and human being.____--Peter Enns


--I heard on the internet that Telling God’s Story is a curriculum about evolution. Is this true?

No. Our Telling God’s Story curriculum is about the Bible. In fact, in the first grade textbook which was just published this month, the words “evolve” and “evolution” never appear. Year One is about the life of Jesus, as depicted in the Four Gospels of the New Testament. The only references to origins are where Jesus (in his miracles) is shown to have his Father's power over creation. Author Peter Enns describes God as the Creator of all things (pages 28-30, for example). Likewise, in the “how-to” book which explains our overall curriculum to parents and instructors, Dr. Enns spends several pages talking about God’s role as Creator, and about the days of creation in Genesis 1. You can read samples from that book, including the chapter on Creation, here.

Unfortunately, some websites have reviewed our books, or have “warned” parents about them, without reading them first. We believe that such scare tactics serve no one. Our goal is to help parents and educators understand the Bible and its Author better, and to share its exciting, true story with their children and students.